International Service

Digvijay Logistics defines International Logistics as the management process of implementing, planning and controlling the physical and information flows concerned with materials and final goods from the point of origin to the point of usage across at least one international border.

The International Logistics service from Digvijay Logistics covers the full range of international logistic needs – managing freight and transportation of materials globally.

By Air

When time is critical for your cargo, our air freight services are your best option as we provide daily global departures. So regardless if you are shipping hazardous, perishables, cargo or any commodity that needs to be delivered fast and on time, we have a resolution for you.

Delivery at your doorstep - Our network stretches around the world, which makes us the best choice for your logistics needs. If you want your consignment to be delivered from airport-to-airport, door-to-door or any combination, we will make the arrangements. You can have it your way – the possibilities are endless. Don't worry, your cargo stays within the Digvijay Logistics network all the way.

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